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Teen Legion offers programs that engage and entertain teens aged 12 to 18, with something for every interest. All Teen Legion activities last from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

6/5/2017: Teen Kick-off Party

Start the summer right here at the Weatherford Public Library. Eat a slice of pizza, learn about Teen Legion activities for the summer and watch a great movie! 

6/12/2017: Beyond the Books—Harry Potter

A book club for teens with a twist. Share your love of J. K. Rowling’s beloved book series with games, crafts and more. 

6/19/2017:  The Absolutely Fabulous Magic Class with James Wand

Learn all the tricks of the trade from master magician James Munton a.k.a. James Wand. 

6/26/2017: The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

A unique disaster-preparedness program just for teens. Our guest presenter talks about the science and fiction of the walking dead and discusses strategies to survive the end of the world. You can also enjoy our live-action survival game! 

7/3/2017: How to be a Proper Super-Villain

World domination via impeccable manners! Do you think that Emily Post wrote all you need to know about being polite? Wrong! This hands-on presentation explores the reason behind etiquette and why every teen who wants to take over the world can start with something as simple as good manners. 

7/10/2017:  Living Clue

Was it Colonel Mustard in the lounge with the poison or perhaps Ms. White in the observatory with the rope? Can you best your friends in this intense game of deduction? Step into the shoes of a suspect and be a part of the mystery in this live-action version of the 1940’s classic game. 

7/17/2017: Starship Design Workshop

Love Star Wars? Fascinated by Star Trek? Curious about how we will actually reach the stars? Join us for a science workshop that doesn’t require a degree in engineering! Learn about the basics of space travel and take the starship design challenge. 

7/24/2017:  The Code Duello

It has ended conflicts and claimed lives…
In this exciting sword-fighting presentation, the stage combat specialists from A Play on Swords delve into how this archaic rite of etiquette has impacted culture and history while demonstrating basic stage combat techniques. 

7/31/2017: Teen Tech Challenge—Coding with Scratch

M.I.T. developed Scratch, a visual programming kit, to teach basic coding, but it’s also a great way to make mini-video games. Join us for a quick intro to Scratch, followed by a 40-minute coding challenge. 

8/7/2017: Gamers’ Circle

Our last Teen Legion program of the season is the perfect chance to unwind with friends after a hectic summer. Join us for board and video games.

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