Rewards for Reading

Kids Rewards for Reading Graphic

Registration begins 6/1/2017! 

Children aged from birth to 11 years can join our Reading Rewards Program and track their reading by minutes. They will earn prizes for any reading they do, including magazines, comics and audiobooks. Children who are still learning to read can also claim the time spent when their caregivers read with them. The total goal is 20 hours, but kids that keep reading can earn more prizes with the Summer Reading Raffle.

What do I have to do?

  1. Come to the library, starting on 6/1/2017 and register at the reference desk or click here to register online. Those that register at the library will receive a combined program guide and reading log while those that register online can print just the reading log.
  2. Read whenever you can, wherever you are.
  3. Track your time on your reading log. Remember to try the new Advantage Challenges to add more minutes to your log.
  4. Come back and collect your prizes for every five hours read. 
  5. Keep reading, even after you have read 20 hours. Don’t forget to come back to participate in the Summer Reading Raffle.
  1. Come to the library any time after 6/1/15.
  2. Register with the Reading Club at the reference desk.
  3. Read wherever you are and wherever you go!
  4. Track your time on your reading log.
  5. Come back and collect your prizes for every five hours read.
  6. Keep reading, even after you have read 20 hours. Don't forget to come back to participate in the

    Summer Reading Raffle

     and the 

    Reading with Ringling


What is the Summer Reading Raffle?

The Summer Reading Raffle is only available for kids that have reached the 20 hour goal of the Reading Rewards Program and keep reading. You can claim a raffle ticket for every 5 hours read, starting at 25 hours. Each ticket must be completed and turned in at the reference desk to be included in a drawing held in August. Several prizes are available for the Summer Reading Raffle and you can choose the prize for which you submit your ticket. Additionally, you can earn as many tickets as you want—just keep reading!

Keep checking back here for more information about raffle prizes.
Advantage Challenges

Do you want to spice up your Summer Reading Challenge? You can also take any of these Advantage Challenges to earn minutes for your log. There are three levels and you can do whichever one you like once. If you complete all of them, you can earn three hours for your log. 
Check the list to pick your Challenge. When you complete one, initial on the line. Show the list to the librarian next time you come in to claim rewards and the librarian will add the correct number of minutes to your log.
Be honest—don’t count the same book or activity for more than one Advantage Challenge.
Five-minute Challenges
  • Try a historical fiction book
  • Try a poetry book
  • Try a book with a blue cover
  • Try a book where you make something new
  • Try a comic book
  • Try a magazine
  • Try a non-fiction book on any subject
  • Try a Caldecott Award-winning book
  • Take a photo in our photo-booth
  • Try a Texas Bluebonnet nominee
  • Ask a parent to post a photo of your 10-hour Certificate on Facebook and tag the Weatherford Public Library
  • Try any audio book or multi-media picture book
Ten-minute Challenges

  • Look up a relative on Ancestry Library Edition
  • Fill out a Star Pick card
  • Help a friend pick out a book
  • Write a haiku
  • Tell a joke to a librarian
  • Read aloud to a child younger than you
Fifteen-minute Challenges

  • Come to any program in these series: Discovery Station, Family Science Day, or Summer Spectacular
  • Ask a parent to post a photo of something you made at any Make This! Station online and tag the Weatherford Public Library
  • Walk through the Weatherford Public Library Literary Gardens
  • Tell your parent about two books you’ve read and really enjoyed
Challenges for babies, toddlers and preschoolers
We know that little ones are very different —if you have a child aged from birth to 6 years, you can substitute any of these Challenges for the ones listed previously. 
  • Learn a new rhyme (five minutes)
  • Help your child tell someone about coming to Storytime (five minutes)
  • Go to, or and share any math or science activity with your child (ten minutes)
  • Come to the Preschool Dance Party (fifteen minutes)

The last day to turn in logs and raffle tickets is Sunday, 8/13/17


The raffle drawing will be held on Wednesday, 8/16/17.

For questions and more information please visit or call the library. 

Weatherford Public Library 
1014 Charles St.
Weatherford, TX 76086 
Phone: 817-598-4150